Adele's Giving Her Money Away to Family & Friends

Adele's Giving Her Money Away to Family & Friends

The British singer didn't have a privileged upbringing so she shares her wealth

Published June 14, 2011

With her album one of the top sellers of the year, British singer-songwriter Adele has a lot of revenue coming in. While she’s certainly enjoying the boost to her bank account, she’s making sure she shares those blessings with those around her. Citing her own struggles coming up, Adele recently mentioned how she gives money to others in need. She explained, "The cash has started trickling in, but I don't come from any money so I help people. I give money to charity and to friends and family."

Not only does she share her money with others, she takes care of many of the tasks most stars of her caliber would put off on someone else. Adele added, "I have an assistant but I do my own washing. My auntie cleans for me, but I love a good clean as well. And when all these squillion pounds come in, I'm having a f***ing break so I won't need any help.” The singer also quipped, "I don't need assistance getting myself to the pub."

(Photo: Scott Gries/PictureGroup)

Written by Michael Arceneaux


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