George Michael Upsets Alicia Keys

George Michael Upsets Alicia Keys

The Singer Cancels His Performance at Her Benefit Concert

Published June 18, 2011 reports that Alicia Keys, the founder of Keep A Child Alive, held a benefit event in the United Kingdom to help raise funds which will provide support and treatment for individuals suffering from HIV and AIDS in Africa and India.

Keys had a planned scheduled special performance from singer George Michael who backed out of the event due to a toothache. He told his followers on Twitter: "Hi boyz n girls...bad news I’m afraid. This tooth ain't getting better in time for tonight, not enough to sing anyway. I'm really sorry folks."

Michael decided not participate in the benefit hit a bad chord with Alicia Keys, even though she considered the charity event a success. Keys was so upset by the ‘no show’ that she questioned George Michael's absence of the event, writing on Twitter "#Blackball Uk was TREMENDOUS Success!!!! but one question...what kind of person bails on 15million orphans...#GEORGEMICHAEL????;-(." reports that Michael, 47, picked up an infection after visiting the dentist and it stopped him from performing with Keys at her Black Ball. He tweeted: “I look like Marlon Brando (I wish....) in the Godfather if they forgot to stuff the right cheek!”

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Written by Bryna Jean-Marie


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