Jay and Bey: Only Couple on Forbes “World’s Highest-Paid Musicians” List

Jay and Bey: Only Couple on Forbes “World’s Highest-Paid Musicians” List

He takes 17 and she ties with Diddy for 18

Published June 19, 2011

The magnificent Carters just keep it coming. The king of rap and queen of R&B add another title to their laundry lists of achievements. They are the only couple to make the Forbes “World’s 25 Highest Paid Musicians” list.

For all of those who were a little confused, Sasha really does run the world, at least $35 million worth of it, and her husband brought home just a little bit more bacon, $37 million to be exact, according to Forbes. The Grammy award winners, however, did not make the top ten. Jay-Z is in seventeenth place and Beyonce is tied with AC/DC and Sean “Diddy” Combs for eighteenth place.

Then there are those who make the Carter's annual income look like pocket change. Sitting pretty at  first, second and third place are U2 with $195 million; Bon Jovi with $125 million and Elton John with $100 million. Lady Gaga came in fourth with $90 million. Sixth place Paul McCartney brought in $67 million; followed by the Black Eyed Peas in seventh place with $61 million. Justin Bieber placed ninth with 53 million and Usher took home twelfth place with $46 million. Right behind him is Taylor Swift in thirteenth place ($45 million); Katy Perry fourteenth place ($44 million). And number twenty-five, Rihanna just made the list with a cool $29 million.

(Photo: Walik Goshorn/Retna Ltd.)

Written by Bryna Jean-Marie


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