Oprah Cuts Vacation Short to Save OWN

Oprah Cuts Vacation Short to Save OWN

The TV Mogul’s Company is Off to a “Rocky Start”

Published June 18, 2011

Two words that don’t go together are Oprah and failure. Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) may be defying those odds. The mogul’s new television company is getting off to what Entertainment Tonight is calling a "rocky start.” Entertainment Weekly magazine editor Doug Ross says the problem with OWN is that, “Oprah hasn’t been there.” Most would agree that her television show was a huge success because she was the host. Simply put, people want to see Oprah.

Gayle King says, “The good news is that it was an embarrassment of riches. [Oprah] had so much to chose from.” Indeed. No one can blame her for attending her historic two day star studded farewell finale that easily topped the Oscars, Grammy’s and Tony’s all rolled into one.  Ross adds, “Oprah says that she wasn’t fully committed at the time when the network launched because she believes her attention was diverted by the historic ending of her top rated syndicated talk show.”

What’s the plan? King says to refocus on the network. “When [Oprah] comes back she will hit the ground running and devote her time to working on OWN.” Ross says, “Really there’s only one person that can fix OWN and it is Oprah. It’s her network.” Have no fear. Super O to the rescue.


Written by Bryna Jean-Marie


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