Celebs Share Best Advice From Dear Old Dad

Celebs Share Best Advice From Dear Old Dad

Did the Stars Listen and Learn?

Published June 18, 2011

Our fathers are known for sharing their many words of wisdom. But do they stick? Maybe two cents worth. People.com asked these stars to recall the best advice their father ever gave to them. Did they listen? You be the judge.

Actor Tristan Wilds impressed us as the drug dealing murderer Michael Lee in “The Wire.” Then he flipped the script into the all American college prep star athlete Dixon Wilson, on “90210.” The 22-year-old heart throb, has no children, as far as we know, and seems to be on the straight and narrow. He says, “My dad just came in the room one day and said, ‘make sure you wrap it up.’” Safe sex is always number one advice. Wilds is definitely taking heed.

Whitney Houston’s ex-hubby, Bobby Brown, also of the famed group New Edition, must have listened to his pops as well, at least when it comes to multiplication. What did his dad have to say? “Make as many children as you can and just enjoy their presence,” says Brown. YBF.com most recently tallied six for the proud dad. Looks like it’s half a dozen and counting.

Wendy Williams always has been honest about her body image. Mydochub.com reports that the talk show host has had numerous liposuction procedures to remove fat from her thighs and stomach. Dad was the one pointing the “Dancing with the Stars” contestant in the ‘skinny’ direction when he told her, “Wendy you’ve got such a pretty face. If you would just lose some weight.” Looks like father knows best.

Written by Bryna Jean-Marie


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