Justin Bieber Burns Boxers

Justin Bieber Burns Boxers

Rumor: Teenage heartthrob and “Baby” singer is said to destroy undies to stave off sticky fingers

Published June 18, 2011

Rumors are great when they’re good and this is one of them. “Justin Bieber Burns Undies.” Sounds bizarre but that’s exactly what various celebrity gossip sites reported a magazine published from an inside source.The inside source is supposed to be a bodygaurd of the petite singer's.


Bieber himself even tweets about the rumor, which claims he has his bodyguard burn his underwear in an incinerator every day. The story continues the mega-star started doing this ever seen they caught someone who worked at a hotel he was staying at take tryingto smuggle his underwear out in her purse. It's hard to say which part of this story is craziest: the bodiyguard having to burn young Bieber's undies or a woman sstuffing them in her purse.


The 17-year-old pop star got a good laugh, tweeting, “I have had alot of rumors...but THIS...THIS IS THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME!! Hahaha.”


(Photo: Frank Micelotta/MTV/PictureGroup)

Written by N. Jamiyla Chisholm


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