Khloe Kardashian Celebrates Her 27th Birthday in Vegas

Khloe Kardashian Celebrates Her 27th Birthday in Vegas

She Parties the Night Away with Her Hubby and Sister

Published June 19, 2011

The question may be whether Kim Kardashian, 30, along with her fiance Kris Humphries, up staged her little sister Khloe, again, at her twenty-seventh birthday celebration, but Mrs. Odom didn’t look phased at all. She was actually all smiles. Her hubby Lamar was at her side as they posed with matching blue lollipops for pictures at the Chateau Nightclub and Gardens at Paris in Las Vegas.

There has always been that sibling rivalry thing between the girls. Who would watch the show if there wasn’t? So why would this night be any different? reports that Kim gushed over Kris all night and lavished attention on him. Isn’t that what a woman in love should do? Kim made a show of herself while she fed her lover cupcakes across the table as envious guests looked on. In the meantime, Khloe was presented with a large gold cake emblazoned with the venue's logo who were probably sponsoring the event.

When the entourage arrived they caused quite a commotion. Their family, brother Rob also joined the festivities, sat at a long table. After some gambling and losing, the next day they flew home in a private jet. Sounds like a normal Kardashian night.

Written by Bryna Jean-Marie


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