Serena Williams Back in the Game

Serena Williams Back in the Game

After taking time off, the baddest female tennis player returns for a comeback.

Published June 19, 2011

When the history books are written for the 21st century, Serena Williams is sure to find a home between its pages. She has 13 Grand Slam Titles, six more than her sister, Venus, and has reigned as tennis's top female tennis player, more than most. Then injuries started to happen, first on her knee then on her foot with her even developing blood clots in her lungs, which forced her to be hospitalized in February.


Back on the courts, with racket in hand, Williams is working toward being number one again with a great comeback story that includes the win at Wimbeldon. And no one’s doubting her. The New York Times writes, “If she can rise to this particular challenge and win Wimbledon, it will rank as her greatest work of comeback art.” This is something the tennis great understands as she tells the paper she misses being on top. At 29 years old, the powerhouse player can definitely swing back as she’s done it before to the bewilderment of her foes and competitors. For tennis and history watchers, she’s always the crowd’s favorite.  


Regarding this particular season, Williams says, “This is totally different, because I’ve had some serious health problems, and I was literally on my deathbed at one point in my career or my life.” On a seriously competitive note, Williams continues, “This is like a totally different road, where I’m more or less thinking, ‘O.K., I have nothing to lose at this point.’ And I’m just excited, more than anything, to be playing.”

(Photo: Julian Finney/Getty Images)

Written by N. Jamiyla Chisholm


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