Aretha Franklin Fractures Toe in a Tangle With Her Jimmy Choos

Aretha Franklin Fractures Toe in a Tangle With Her Jimmy Choos

Spiky heels sent the Queen of Soul to the hospital.

Published June 21, 2011

Aretha Franklin was on the road promoting her new album, A Woman Falling Out of Love, when she found herself falling in the name of fashion.


The Queen of Soul suffered a foot injury after she tripped over a pile of her shoes in her Dallas hotel on June 23 and landed on the spike heel of a pair of Jimmy Choos. The puncture "hurt like heck for a minute but seemed to subside," she said via her rep. Days later her tour bus made an unscheduled stop at Community North Hospital in Indianapolis where X-rays taken there revealed that Franklin's left index toe was indeed fractured.


Last year Franklin canceled appearances after she was hospitalized for an accident that left her with two broken ribs in November and then again when she underwent surgery for undisclosed ailments in December, but her latest fashion freak accident isn’t slowing her down. "I'm so grateful it wasn't my right piano peddle foot, I have a gig on July 27 at the Jones Beach Theatre in New York!"


With a set and wrapped foot the show will go on, though Franklin remarked, in true diva fashion, "How am I supposed to match my new Marc Jacobs gown with this wooden blue hospital shoe?"

(Photo: Jeff Fusco/Getty Images)

Written by Nakisha Williams


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