Alicia Fox Gives Wrestling a Diva “Smackdown”

Alicia Fox Gives Wrestling a Diva “Smackdown”

A glimpse at what makes this wrestling star so spectacular.

Published June 23, 2011

Pound for pound, wrestler Alicia Fox is a bronze beauty of pure T.N.T. in the ring, armed with kicks and blows that keep opponents quaking in her wake. Since debuting on the World Wrestling Entertainment circuit in 2006, this 24-year-old athlete has proven she’s made of the the kick-butt stuff that has quickly launched her to superstar status amongst the new school of female stars in the ring.


Before becoming a "fox" for the WWE’s SmackDown brand, she was born Victoria Crawford and worked as a model. In real life, this poised, soft- spoken Florida native decided to marry her two life passions, acting and being a former tomboy, to fashion a career change into wrestling. Thus far, it’s been a marriage made in heaven.


Fox’s fans flock to see her agile athletic moves in the ring, which have injected new excitement into wrestling standbys like the Scissor Kick and Monkey Flip. And by simply joining the collective of African-American athletes in pro wrestling, it’s evident from her catwalk ring entrance to her classy, yet trash-talking victories that Fox exudes the unabashed bravado and power that transcends her sport.

(Photo: Christopher Blumenshine/Getty Images)

Written by Ronke Idowu Reeves


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