Beyoncé Surprises Fans In Harlem

Beyoncé Surprises Fans In Harlem

With a much-anticipated album in stores, the girl who runs the world took time to visit some of her smallest fans

Published July 1, 2011

It’s a rare day in Harlem when people will wait five hours to see only five minutes of someone but that’s exactly what happened in New York City this Thursday once the summer wind blew in word that Beyoncé was going to make an appearance.


Her visit was secretly scheduled for a Target event, where her latest album 4 is being sold with special added tracks, to benefit about 150 dancing kids from various youth groups. While they were stepping on stage, paying their own tribute to the entertainer, Beyoncé quietly appeared behind them to the screams of adoring fans in a halo of huge blonde curls a vibrant orange dress.


Doling out hugs to emotional youngsters, B didn’t perform but it didn’t matter. The fact she was there in Harlem, with a big curly ‘do and a bigger smile to go with it was enough to light up the faces of thousands of people who stood for hours waiting for the chance to see the 16-time Grammy award winner. Well worth the wait, one young fan tells CBS News, “She just inspired me now to follow my dreams and do what really makes me happy in my heart.” Talk about a powerful five minutes in someone’s life.


Although she didn't break into song, early-rising New Yorkers will get the chance on Friday to see her when she performs on "Good Morning America."

Written by N. Jamiyla Chisholm


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