LeBron James Dissed By Dwight Howard on Twitter

LeBron James Dissed By Dwight Howard on Twitter

Orlando’s center star takes cheap shots at King James’s bald spots

Published June 30, 2011

LeBron James may be a six-year All-Star and one of the most watched players on the court but it seems not everyone is down with the king, including those in his playing state. Using twitter as his mouthpiece, Orlando’s star player poked fun at James’s sensitive spot, namely his premature balding. Taking his trash talking off-court and off-season, Dwight Howard tweeted, “lol he took his talents to south beach and left his hairline in Cleveland lol.” What a low blow.


Sure LeBron is only 26-years-old and receding already but he’s won more accolades than he’s lost hair at this age, including Rookie of the Year, MVP, a gold medal and the coveted Nike deal before any of this, including an NBA jersey with his name on it. If his hair is all folks can think of hating on, then it seems King James is doing just fine, as was Michael Jordan.


The day before Howard was tweeting about hairlines, James was chilling with one of the biggest rock stars in the world—Bono. Yahoo! Sports has a backstage picture of the Heat baller hamming it up with the U2’s front man, after their show in Miami. Not sure about Howard, but it may be good to be down with the King.

(Photo:  Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Written by N. Jamiyla Chisholm


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