Stars React to Casey Anthony Verdict

Stars React to Casey Anthony Verdict

Celebrities take to Twitter to vent frustrations about high-profile trial.

Published July 6, 2011

The trial of 25-year-old Casey Anthony has been one of the biggest legal stories in several years. The young mother was charged with murder, aggravated manslaughter, lying to investigators and child abuse/neglect, among other charges, in the death of her two-year-old daughter, Caylee. Yesterday, a number of people watched in shock as Anthony was found not guilty on all of the serious charges.

A backlash against the verdict spread immediately over the Internet. Actress Tichina Arnold wrote, “Watching the Kasey [sic] Anthony verdict. ‘Not Guilty.’ who IS? There is still a dead little girl.” 

Author Terry McMillan quipped, “Bye bye. I would like to slap Casey hard enough to knock off her ponytail.” 

Sharing a similar sentiment was comedian Kevin Hart, who wrote, “I'm punching anybody n the face name ‘Casey’ or ‘Anthony’ 2day...I can't believe she got off, is this pay back 4 ‘OJ?’ If so I understand.”

Reality star and former prosecutor Star Jones noted, “While #CaseyAnthony lives 'Bella Vita'...her "beautiful life"...a dead baby lies in the ground with no one to be held responsible....I believe in the jury system & accept verdict...but I can't take smiles from #CaseyAnthony right now. She may be NG...but her baby is dead!”

Vivica A. Fox offered an angrier response, tweeting: “F**k them all! 2 b proud that u got a killer off! Burn in hell!  Not tweeting anymore 2day! Disgusted by our legal system 2day!! A baby killer got off 2day!! I'm just done!! Now her legal team holds a press conference! Like they won a championship!!” 

Melyssa Ford offered the warning, “I pray, when this heartless woman attempts to profit from her child's murder, NO ONE supports the book/movie/Lifetime Story...”

(Photo: Frank Micelotta/PictureGroup)

Written by Michael Arceneaux


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