Turkey Wants Kobe

Turkey Wants Kobe

With the NBA lockout picks up speed, Turkey is courting and they hope Kobe wants to play

Published July 7, 2011

First it was the NFL and now it’s the NBA. What’s going on with American sports and these league lockouts? While the big boys in the NBA figure out what they’re doing and when they think the games should begin, overseas teams see this stalling as good opportunity to recruit some of the best and biggest in the game. That means Kobe Bryant.


According to sources close to Bryant, Yahoo! Sports says the Laker’s captain is open to offers as long as the courts are on lockdown. He is also said to lose an estimated $25 million in salary if the balls don’t bounce this season. Turkey is playing a strategic game as they began plotting to lure in Bryant after already signing Nets player Deron Willliams.


“We cannot give him the same money as he gets from the NBA, but if the money isn’t everything in this, and Kobe wants to play during the lockout, wants to play with Deron Williams, we can find some deal on the money,” coach Ergin Ataman said, of the Turkish team Besiktas.


The ancient country may not be able to offer big bucks, but they are aware of being able to help expand a player’s global reach. It's just hard to imagine Bryant wearing a different uniform than the gold-colored Lakers jersey.

Written by N. Jamiyla Chisholm


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