La Toya Jackson: Ex Tried to Sell Me to Mike Tyson

La Toya Jackson: Ex Tried to Sell Me to Mike Tyson

Jackson sister makes more startling allegations on daytime TV.

Published July 8, 2011

La Toya Jackson’s accusations about her late ex-husband are becoming increasingly stranger.  The Celebrity Apprentice star has detailed how she was kidnapped and forced to marry Jack Gordon. Now, La Toya says the extent of the abuse and control essentially lead to her almost being prostituted.

During an appearance on CBSThe Talk, La Toya claimed that Gordon told Mike Tyson that he could have sex with her for $100,000. La Toya told the group, "Mike Tyson later told my mother and father and some other friends that [Gordon] had told him that if he wanted to sleep with me he has to pay $100,000.” She also noted, "I was in brothels and everything ... [It was] everything I was against. He made me do Playboy twice and had me sit on the stage and say, 'Oh no, it was all my idea.' And I had to do that because I knew what he said he would do, he would do it."

When trying to explain just how someone of her stature could’ve been forced to deal with so much, La Toya once again pointed to her past as a Jehovah’s Witness. La Toya said, "I was 29 and one of those over the top religious people. I was mentally 16 because of not knowing the world and what people do. Not everyone was honest and I believed everything they said."


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Written by Michael Arceneaux


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