Brandy Settles Extortion Lawsuit

Brandy Settles Extortion Lawsuit

The singer had accused house DJ Marc Mysterio of "shakedown tactics."

Published July 9, 2011

Brandy has settled a bristling lawsuit against house DJ Marc Mysterio, whom she had accused of trying extort money from her and her family and slandering her in the media.

Brandy’s suit was filed after the internationally renowned DJ and producer sued the singer for breach of contract, alleging that she backed out of an agreement to work with him. In her countersuit, Brandy claimed that she never made such an agreement, and accused Mysterio and his “cronies” of “shakedown tactics” for including her mother and brother Ray-J in the lawsuit “to try and force her to pay their demands." Brandy also charged that the DJ was using the media to “disparage her name…character and honesty with false remarks.”

But yesterday Mysterio’s lawyer Laurence Clarke told RadarOnline that the suits had been settled: "The parties have come to a mutual agreement, the terms of which are confidential."

Mysterio confirmed the lawyer’s statement, claiming that it’s all water under the bridge. "I am very happy with the settlement and we're cool now."

Brandy has yet to comment on the agreement.

Written by Alex Gale


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