Amy Winehouse’s Goddaughter Has Her Back

Amy Winehouse’s Goddaughter Has Her Back

The troubled Brit singer still has some support, even if it’s not from fans

Published July 10, 2011

Amy Winehouse may no longer be a media darling and some of her fans have turned their backs on her, taking up with Adele instead, but the singer still garners the respect of some. According to People, her 15-year-old goddaughter and protégé Dionne Bromfield is fed up with how folks dog the singer by constantly accusing her of being drunk.


The teenage musician, who released her second album Good For the Soul last week, is also the first artist signed to the troubled Londoner’s Lionness Records. Defending her 27-year-old godmother, Bromfield says the media actively looks for ways to make Winehouse look crazy. "All it takes is for her to blink while the press are flashing cameras, and it looks like she's drunk.”


She adds that the media’s portrayal of the “Back to Black” soulster and the person she knows are not one in the same, saying, “That's not the Amy I know–the real Amy.” It’s good to hear someone in the Winehouse camp is doing well, even as she cancels show performances and angers fans with less than mediocre performances. Fingers crossed she can pull it together and get back to works sooner than later.

Written by N. Jamiyla Chisholm


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