Halle Berry Calls Cops On Intruder

Halle Berry Calls Cops On Intruder

The actress was frightened after spotting a stranger in her yard

Published July 10, 2011

Saturday afternoon, Halle Berry noticed a stranger had jumped her security wall and was lurking in her yard so she called the police, TMZ reports. Several people who were in her home at the time are said to have ran outside to the man but he jumped the wall again and disappeared.


The 44-year-old single mom has a three-year-old daughter Nahla with ex-boyfirend and model Gabriel Aubry. The two are currently engaged in a nasty custody battle with Berry most recently accusing Aubrey of violating a custody agreement they had between each other. To make it  plain, she's calling him unfit for parenting. Nevertheless, finding a strange man hiding in one’s yard would cause alarm to go off in anyone. The LAPD is said to be investigating,


Hopefully it was nothing more than a lone paparazzi waiting to get a great shot of her at some point during the day.



Written by N. Jamiyla Chisholm


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