Beyoncé Blows $14,000 In Less Than 2 Hours

Beyoncé Blows $14,000 In Less Than 2 Hours

The “Girls Run the World” singer has no trouble spending money like a superhero

Published July 15, 2011

There may be very few people who think Beyoncé is a cheap date. Those are all the men who would have never bagged her anyway. A woman who has 16 Grammys by age 29 is definitely a woman who makes and knows how to spend money. So is the story in the Huffington Post, which reports the Southern belle spent $14,000 in 90 minutes.


With her mom Tina Knowles by her side, Beyoncé is said to have visited Topshop and Selfridges in London on Wednesday. According to amazed onlookers, one who of whom describes it as Pretty Woman, says Mrs. Carter grabbed clothing at lightening speed. This spree seems to pale in comparison to another one of her quick moving spending sessions, where she reportedly spent over $35,000 in 2009 in London’s Harvey Nichols. What else would one expect from a woman who has hits called “Upgrade U” and “Diva?” 


Plus it seems her hubby is no better at clipping the wallet than she is. According to Page Six, Jay-Z spent $350,000 in Hermès last Christmas on Birkin bags and other pricey goodies. This just may be the way the wealthy role.


Written by N. Jamiyla Chisholm


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