Lady Gaga Is Egged By Fans

Lady Gaga Is Egged By Fans

Fans in Australia are upset when the Pop star rolls out in a wheelchair

Published July 15, 2011

It seems Lady Gaga’s performance antics can go too far at times, even to her fans. The Huffington Post reports the singer entered the stage at a show in Sydney, Australia in a wheelchair at no one thought it was appropriate. Rather than aweing her audience, the Born This Way singer apparently offended.


In fact, being the Little Monsters they are, the Metro in the U.K. say they turned on Gaga and threw eggs as she was leaving the club where she gave a surprise performance. 

Dressed in a black mermaid costume, Gaga explained it was an alter ego named “Yugi.” While everyone’s sure to find out soon enough who Yugi is, its interesting her fans were offended by the wheelchair considering she used one in her “Paparazzi” video. This is a woman who wore a real meat dress.


While the eggs flew through the air, none landed on the 25-year-old, although her entourage got their fair number of hits.

(Photo: MichaelPell/yfrog)

Written by N. Jamiyla Chisholm


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