Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Had Been "Arguing For Months"

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Had Been "Arguing For Months"

Despite appearances, divorce was a long time coming.

Published July 18, 2011

While they put their love on display for the whole world, things were getting ugly behind closed doors for Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. A source tells People that the couple split "after months of nonstop arguing" and "decided it's best to go their separate ways for the sake of their two kids." Both Jennifer and Marc jumped right back into work after news of their split broke on Friday night. Jennifer flew to the Ukraine to perform at a wedding, and Marc took the stage in Colombia for Nivea skincare's 100th anniversary bash. "They're saying I'm single," he joked with the crowd, trying to make light of his situation.

All sounds very mature, right? Wrong, according to Us Weekly, who site a different source claiming Marc and Jen were headed towards doom for years. "They had a very up and down marriage," their source claims. "They would get into heated, horrible fights. Then, they would also go through times where they were extremely loving and romantic...It was a roller coaster with them from the beginning."

And despite Jen's game face the past few days, Us reports that "she is devastated. Absolutely beside herself. This is someone she dedicated a long time to, and that she truly loved."

Unbelievably, the former couple are putting on a brave face for the sake of their upcoming television show Q'Viva: The Chosen, which they are meant to produce and host together. Awkward!

Written by Smriti Mundhra


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