Did Rihanna Pay For 100,000 Facebook Fans?

Did Rihanna Pay For 100,000 Facebook Fans?

She may have more FB fans than Lady Gaga, but sources say they're bought not earned.

Published July 23, 2011

Rihanna's recent jump to most popular female on Facebook with 41.2 million fans and counting was partly assisted by a viral marketing firm, ViralMS.com. The company revealed to BallerStatus.com that exactly one day before it happened, an unnamed individual bought 100,000 fan "likes" of Rihanna's page for $7,799. ViralMS.com says it could have been a crazed fan, or Rihanna's camp or label.

Apparently, ViralMS does this for a host of clients in an attempt to win favor with the public. A rep for the company says, "The Internet has given celebrities a way to really flex their muscles through social networks. The more fans they have the more popular they appear -- it's like a game to them, really."

Rihanna has won this game, but if fans are so easily bought will the number of followers and friends one has lose importance? ViralMS.com has been offering its services since 2008 and in that time our awareness of these numbers has only increased. Right now, Lady Gaga's on RiRi's heels with 41.1 million follows. As the highest paid celebrity under 30, I'm sure Gaga could scrounge up $8,000, which would boost her back to the number one spot. But, will that make you more likely to go out and buy a copy of "Born This Way?"

Written by Laura Hagans Smith


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