LaLa Anthony Auctions Clothes and Accessories For Oxfam

LaLa Anthony Auctions Clothes and Accessories For Oxfam

She's getting rid of a lot of her things for a good cause...but she made one big Ebay mistake!

Published July 23, 2011

La La Anthony has been climbing hard towards fame since she was only 16-years-old. Now she's giving back, starting with an Ebay auction to benefit Oxfam, a charity that helps fight poverty and works towards social justice across the globe. Items such as Giuseppe Zanotti boots, Marc Jacobs Aviators and a Roberto Cavali blouse make her entire collection worth thousands of dollars--money that would go to great use through Oxfam.

However, according to TMZ La La made one big oops--she didn't set a reserve price. This means there's no required minimum the bids need to hit before they're sold, so people could be walking away with some serious deals. For her fans, this could be pretty good news. But for Oxfam and the recipients of their aid this may mean a much smaller donation than La La anticipated. However, the bids on most items are steadily rising and it doesn't look like any will be sold for pennies, as was suggested.

This is just one of the many projects La La has embarked upon as of late. As previously reported she was just cast for the first time in a Broadway play, "Love, Loss and What I Wore," she's got several movies in the pipeline, both producing and acting in them, including a starring role in The Gun with Val Kilmer and 50 Cent. Her new VH1 reality show, "La La's Full Court Life," premieres in August. This is one busy lady. However La La always finds the time to help others and champion for good causes like Oxfam. A little technical error does not take away from the good nature and positive motives for her sale. Go ahead and bid on one of the fabulous items here.


Written by Laura Hagans Smith


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