Model City Star Ibrahim Baaith Makes Art Debut

Model City Star Ibrahim Baaith Makes Art Debut

The international model shows that he's more than just a pretty face.

Published July 25, 2011

Model City star Ibrahim Baaith made his art world debut Wednesday night at Studio 39, a new gallery in Hells Kitchen. The exhibit featured 30 colorful, spiritual and politically charged works from the model/artist. When asked about the selection of work he chose to showcase, Baaith explained, “Most of the pieces on display I compiled thru the years of doing live art events, the vivid colors and loose rendering I feel captures the energy of those events. The others are examples of my studio work, which tends to look nothing like each other, each conveying a unique message.”


The crowd sipped cocktails and listened to tunes from DJ Stiletto as they immersed themselves in Baaith’s trippy world of robots, shamans, pretty women and dirty politicians. Strikingly beautiful and unapologetically bold in sentiment, Baaith proved successful in igniting a positive response from peers and critics alike.  One attendee shared, “His work is vibrant and compelling. Technique wise, the work is conventionally gorgeous but just beneath the first coat of paint lies a subversive surprise.”


Attracting a crowd of journalists, fashionistas and beautiful people, Baaith’s first showing wasn’t just an exhibit but a party celebrating his entrance into the art world. And how did he feel about the success of his first showing?  "Seeing all of the work together is such a satisfying feeling, I feel rejuvenated and inspired from my own work! I know what my potential is, and seeing everything all at once was real affirmation on my future work...stay tuned!"


In the meantime, check out more of his work on his website:

(Photo: Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images; Courtesy of Ibrahim Baaith)

Written by Norell Giancana


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