Morgan Freeman Denies Narrating Conservative Ad

Morgan Freeman Denies Narrating Conservative Ad

It may sound like it, but the actor's voice is not in this commercial.

Published July 28, 2011

It may sound like Morgan Freeman lent his baritone to endorse a right wing political ad in Wisconsin, but his rep has said the voice-over was done by an imitator.



"The political ad in Wisconsin by a conservative group narrated by someone trying to sound like Morgan Freeman was not narrated by Mr. Freeman," his rep Stan Rosenfield said in a statement. "Morgan Freeman did NOT narrate that ad."



The campaign ad was paid for by a group called "Citizens for a Strong America" and blasts Democrat Shelly Moore, a candidate in the Wisconsin Senate recall elections.



Now Democrat officials have demanded that the ad, which has run on several TV stations, be pulled, calling it a "dangerous deception." More said, "This ad deliberately misleads voters by using a Morgan Freeman sound-alike to give these blatant lies a false sense of legitimacy."

Written by BET-Staff


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