Amy Winehouse May Have Died From Alcohol Withdrawal

Amy Winehouse May Have Died From Alcohol Withdrawal

The singer’s family makes claims of a possibility.

Published July 29, 2011


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The autopsy of Amy Winehouse, who died this past Saturday, may be inconclusive but her family allegedly fears the cause of the singer’s death might have been from her detoxing from alcohol too quickly.


Supposedly talking to the British tabloid The Sun, Winehouse’s family said that even though the singer’s doctor advised her to stop drinking gradually, she may have ignored the advice, going cold turkey, a drastic process her body may not have been able to handle.


While detoxing from alcohol abruptly isn’t usually life-threatening, it may be dangerous for some people. "Often in our field we'll hear from people that they told their spouse not to drink and threw all the alcohol in the house away," Dr. Karen Miotto, medical director of the UCLA Alcoholism and Addiction Medicine Service explained to the Los Angeles Times. "That's not a good idea—they need to be medically evaluated first."


In some cases medication may be necessary to help wean the person safely off of alcohol to prevent harmful and possibly fatal seizures. Other considerations for detox include how much and how long the person has been drinking, if there have been detox attempts in the past, if there is a history of prior seizures, and if other drugs or medications are being taken.


Toxicology tests on Winehouse are still pending.

Written by Marcus Reeves


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