Tracy Morgan Isn't Fond of New Jersey

Tracy Morgan Isn't Fond of New Jersey

The comedian reportedly calls the state "Third World."

Published July 29, 2011

It’s a good thing Tracy Morgan has gotten used to controversy because it keeps coming his way. Now that his gay bashing rant has become old news, Tracy has alienated yet another group: New Jerseyans. It stems from the comedian’s belief that the state is “Third World.”


The New York Post says Tracy was taped in a heated exchange on the roof of the Silver Towers on West 42nd Street after he crashed a barbeque. He was apparently arguing that “the world is a ghetto.” He then went to another party and went into a rant after party guest Konstantin Burshteyn quipped that they were lucky to be at a private party overlooking the Hudson.


In response Morgan said, "I don't give a [bleep] what you think . . . This is my mother[bleeping] generalization, not yours." He went on, “New Jersey, right across the river, is the Third World." Burshteyn refuted such claims, but Morgan continued, "Believe me, dude—I live in a very affluent neighborhood right now and my house, one of them is $2 million, and there is some ghetto [bleep] going on there." However, earlier in the evening Morgan did note, "I'm from the ghetto, and that ain't bad.... I will never be disconnected from my roots. You disconnect the tree from the roots and what happens to the tree? It [bleep]ing dies."

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Written by Michael Arceneaux


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