Muhammad Ali Writes Letter to People of Norway

Muhammad Ali Writes Letter to People of Norway

The boxing champion sends his condolences for the recent attacks.

Published August 2, 2011

Boxing champion Muhammad Ali recently addressed the people of Norway sending his condolences over the bombing and gun attacks two weeks ago.


He said his "heart goes out to each of you as you deal with the unimaginable grief of your loss" adding that people share the same ideals despite religious beliefs or race.


"I see the same wishes for our children to have happy, healthy lives; I see the same concerns for others less fortunate than ourselves; I see the same desire for peace and dignity," he said.


Ali, who is Muslim, also said that those who commit such acts of violence citing religious and racial reasons "fail to understand that we share far more with our fellow beings than those aspects that set us apart."


At least 98 people died during the bombing and gun attacks in Oslo two weeks ago.

(Photo: Andreas Meier/Landov)

Written by Dorkys Ramos


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