Sallie Richardson Talks Dream Role

Sallie Richardson Talks Dream Role

The actress says she would love to play Lena Horne.

Published August 10, 2011

Sallie Richardson-Whitfield has been acting on the big and small screen for years, but in an interview with Eurweb, the actress and now, director, revealed that there’s one role she still dreams of having. “One thing that I really want to do is the Lena Horne story," she said. I had a chance to do Lena Horne as a tribute to Halle Berry for the Genesee Foundation.” She added, “Like Halle has always dreamed of doing Dorothy Dandridge, I’ve always dreamed of doing Lena. I’ve just always loved her. That’s something that me and my management are working.”


The dream of this revelation comes on the heels of news that her current role on the SyFy series Eureka has been cancelled. Sallie’s interview came before the network officially axed the show, but she did seem prepared for the news, noting, “It’s been a wonderful show for me and I’ve always been excited about moving on and trying new things. But if for some reason they love and want to keep us then I’ll do that too.”


As for fans of the A Low Down Dirty Shame star who feel she ought to be a much bigger name in Hollywood than she is, the wife of fellow actor Dondre Whitfield said she was content yet still hopeful. She said, “Would I have loved to have become this huge star? Yes! But, as my good friends say, it’s not over yet. Your time is your time. I’m glad that I have never given up and I don’t get bitter. I have fun with what comes and that’s just my path."

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Written by Michael Arceneaux


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