Meagan Good: I Did Not Get a DUI

Meagan Good: I Did Not Get a DUI

"The Game" actress shuts down drunk driving claims.

Published August 12, 2011

When pictures of Meagan Good being pulled over by police following her 30th birthday party surfaced, some assumed the worst about the veteran actress. However, Good has refuted the insinuations and wants everyone to know that she wasn’t drunk. Good was quoted saying, “I DID NOT get a DUI. I got pulled over because the valet turned my lights off. Once they found out I was leaving my own birthday party, they insisted I must of had at least a drink and expressed they’d feel more comfortable with someone else driving me home.”


The daughter of a police officer, Good says she knew not to give the authorities trouble. The actress added, “I definitely wasn’t gonna argue with that because I recognize God’s grace when I see it, and whether I had one drink or five drinks, the law says zero drinks so I’m thanking God I got through my 30th and praising God for the grace only he can give!”

(Photo: Adrian Sidney/Picturegroup)

Written by Michael Arceneaux


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