Dave Chappelle Explains Comedy Show Disaster

Dave Chappelle Explains Comedy Show Disaster

Funny man looks back at "bizarre" Florida show.

Published August 16, 2011

In his first interview in five years, Dave Chappelle explained what was branded a bizarre appearance at the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida, last month. During the set, the still popular comedian was answering text messages while counting down the minutes after he became distracted by the audience’s cameraphones and conversations. The former Comedy Central star told Doghouse FM’s JV, “I didn’t get the chance to do anything.”


Chappelle said that since the event took place at an Indian casino the security guards wouldn’t tell patrons in the front row — said to all be Seminole Indians — “to be quiet.” Dave explained, “I can hear and see everything [in the front row].” He also noted, "You can't possibly expect me to do a show right now...there's got to be a little bit of cooperation." Apparently, this has been a trend for famed Chappelle’s Show creator. Dave said a similar incident happened earlier in his career while on stage in Oakland.


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Written by Michael Arceneaux


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