Sherri Shepherd's Post-Wedding Rumors

Sherri Shepherd's Post-Wedding Rumors

Nasty stories follow talk show host's dream ceremony.

Published August 17, 2011

While Sherri Shepherd and her new husband, Lamar Sally, bask in wedding bliss, gossip mongers are attempting to soil the festivities with speculation about their families and co-workers. The blog Rhymes With Snitch reports that members of each side’s families are squabbling. The site quotes sources saying, “Sherri's dad is totally against the marriage as is Sherri's new mother-in-law. Sherri's dad is concerned because Sherri has to support the family and he's unhappy with Sherri's plans to make her new husband her manager.”


As for Sally’s mom, she is rumored to believe that the View co-host is “not good enough for my son.” She apparently also feels that Sherri talks too much and says she prefers Sally’s ex-girlfriends over Sherri. As for Sherri’s fellow gabbers on the popular daytime ABC show, some of Sherri’s wedding guests have wondered why Whoopi Goldberg, Barbara Walters and Joy Behar were absent from the ceremony. Behar married her boyfriend of 29 years just days before Sherri’s wedding in a surprise ceremony.


Some of Sherri’s guests were upset about them missing the comedian’s big day. A wedding source said, “I assumed that they would be there as did all of the wedding party and guests, or they should have at least sent a video of congratulations as well as expressing why they regret they could not attend or to show they were at least there for Sal and Sherri in spirit.”


More than likely, much of this talk will be settled when The View returns with new episodes in September. Until then, regardless of who was absent and why and what other people might feel about the couple, Sherri is happy. After her wedding, she told Life & Style, “Second chances really do happen, and I got mine! I’m married now!”

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Written by Michael Arceneaux


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