Will Tracy Morgan Parody Tracy Morgan?

Will Tracy Morgan Parody Tracy Morgan?

Tina Fey says it's possible.

Published August 27, 2011

30 Rock is no stranger to pulling jokes straight from the headlines, but they'd be walking on a tightrope if they drew inspiration from Tracy Morgan's controversial homophobic stand-up routine from last June. Tina Fey tells Deadline.com, "It's the kind of story that even if it happened to someone else, we would probably turn it into a Tracy story. So we may use it."

But even she'd rather that the memory of the incident disappear altogether. "Because of my real-life pregnancy, we don't go back on the air until January," Fey said. "I'm hoping that Tracy will have, and the world will have, forgotten about that by then. He from the first has gone around very sincerely and done his best to try to make up for the foolishness."

Since Trace is very likely to step in it again (repeatedly) before 30 Rock starts up next year, the show's writers will probably not have any shortage of material to mine from. Worked for Charlie Sheen, right?

Written by Smriti Mundhra


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