Teyana Taylor Tells Her Side About Fight With Director

Teyana Taylor Tells Her Side About Fight With Director

She claims her battle was self-defense.

Published September 2, 2011

After causing a buzz on the Web with news of her heated altercation with director and actor Jean-Claude La Marre, Teyana Taylor gave her side of the story.


The Madea’s Big Happy Family actress spoke exclusively to GlobaGrind about the incident on the set of Gang of Roses 2. Last weekend, she and Marre, the film’s director, were filming outside Los Angeles. According to Taylor, she’d been suffering from an abscessed tooth for most of the day, and as the pain worsened and became too much to bare she asked to be taken home, but was ignored by Marre.


“I could’ve died right there on set and he wouldn’t have even cared,” Taylor commented. “That’s the point: because he was more worried about himself. It was about him wanting to get his movie done so it was like, forget her tooth, her face is swollen but I want her to film more parts and I really don’t care if her face is swollen.”


After aggressively confronting Marre about leaving the set, Taylor says the director turned and replied, “Don’t f*cking scream at me b*tch,” and then smacked her face.


Taylor, contends her involvement in the exchange was a matter of self-defense. Marre, according to TMZ, also claimed he was defending himself after Taylor jumped on him and started swinging, though he said he never hit her.


No word yet on whether Taylor will remain a part of the Gang of Roses 2, which will star Amber Rose and Claudia Jordan.

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Written by Marcus Reeves


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