Prince Could Lose Millions in Perfume Lawsuit

Prince Could Lose Millions in Perfume Lawsuit

A referee in the case has recommended that the singer fork over $4 million.

Published September 3, 2011

Something stinks over in Paisley Park. A lawsuit over a perfume deal Prince made has quickly turned for the worse for the iconic singer, and he may be left holding a $4 million bill.

According to TMZ, Revelations Perfume and Cosmetics sued Prince over the "3121" scent in 2008, charging that he didn't help promote the perfume and thus failed to fulfill his contractual obligations in the deal.

The New York court ruled for Revelations, and a "special referee"—assigned by the court to advise the judge about damages in the case—has now recommended to the real judge that Prince pay $3,948,798.58. Ouch.

The judge will rule on Nov. 1 whether or not he'll accept the referee's advice and hit up Prince for four big ones.

Written by BET-Staff


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