Laurence Fishburne Chats Contagion : "It’s Smarter Than the Stupid Movies Out."

Laurence Fishburne Chats Contagion : "It’s Smarter Than the Stupid Movies Out."

Did starring in the new virus outbreak film make this legendary actor jumpy?

Published September 6, 2011

In his legendary career, actor Laurence Fishburne has given life to memorable characters. He continues that cinematic trend in the Steven Soderbergh directed action-thriller Contagion, which features an all-star ensemble cast including Matt Damon, Sanaa Lathan, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law and Kate Winslet. It tells the story of a group of people whose lives are forever changed when a pandemic killer virus spreads around the world leaving millions dead within hours.


In the film, the Oscar nominee portrays Dr. Ellis Cheever, a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Deputy Director, who must juggle between governmental red tape and being an average man fearing the safety of his loved ones. The 50-year old actor told it was a role he was excited to play.


“I was blown away at how smart the Contagion’s script was because of a lot of [movies] being made now are kind of stupid,” he says.


Fishburne adds that the director and cast worked with real scientists on the film, who kept them in tune with the movie’s premise in real life. “We’d be working on the film and one [of the scientists] would be on his phone and say, ‘Let me show you this,’” explains Fishburne. “Every day it would be something that could potentially be an outbreak. He’d show us some new disease that the CDC was tracking and keeping an eye on.”


But even after starring in a real-life horror movie where the bad guys are the germs the we come in contact with via shaking hands and and touching doors, Fishburne says the scary premise of Contagion left him unfazed. “I ain’t afraid of germs, man. And I ain’t afraid of getting sick,” he says. “Dying? That’s some other s---!”


Contagion opens in theaters nationwide on Friday, September 9.

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Written by Ronke Idowu Reeves


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