"The Last Dragon" Star Shot Three Times by Friend in Harlem

"The Last Dragon" Star Shot Three Times by Friend in Harlem

A police source says beef was over a chair.

Published September 8, 2011

Yesterday The New York Daily News reported that Leo O'Brien, who played "Richie Green" in the 1985 karate cult classic The Last Dragon, was shot three times by a friend and was in an ICU in Harlem Hospital.


Today the paper reports that the former child actor is doing well and has no idea what made his friend so angry. According to a police source, O’Brien, 40, sat in a chair after his friend had gotten up but his friend wanted the seat back. Apparently not moving fast enough, his friend pulled out a gun and shot him twice in the abdomen and once in the arm.


From his bed in Harlem Hospital, O’Brien says of his friend, "He didn't say anything to me. He started crying and ran away. He was my homeboy. Did we have a problem before he shot me? No. I don't know why he shot me. He was scared. Maybe he thought I would hurt him?"


The good news is O’Brien is doing well and, even still, "has jokes." Regarding The Last Dragon, which was produced by famed Motown founder Berry Gordy, he says, "If you black and you ain't ever saw that, there's something wrong."

(Photo: Delphi III Productions)

Written by N. Jamiyla Chisholm


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