Ron Artest Is Officially 'Metta World Peace'

Ron Artest Is Officially 'Metta World Peace'

A court commissioner has finally granted his request to legally change his name.

Published September 18, 2011

It’s official. Lakers forward and current “Dancing With the Stars” contestant Ron Artest has finally gotten his wish granted and his name changed to Metta World Peace. "Metta" is a Buddhist term which means "a strong wish for the happiness of others."


Three weeks ago, the process hit a snag when his bid was blocked due to unpaid parking tickets.


Talking to ESPN, World Peace says of the name change, “Three years ago I was gonna do it, but then I was like no, I’m not gonna do it. But then I said, ok, I can do it and be inspirational.”


He says, in L. A., a lot of people on the streets are really inspired. World Peace admits that New England Patriots Chad Ochocino, who legally changed his name from Chad Johnson in 2008, personally inspired him to do the same.


That's interesting to hear, considering the fact that Ochocinco told an ESPN reporter earlier this year he wanted to change his name back to Johnson.

Written by N. Jamiyla Chisholm


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