Amber Rose Receives Backlash Over Ghana Trip

Amber Rose Receives Backlash Over Ghana Trip

Residents of the African nation resent her portrayal of their country as a “village.”

Published September 24, 2011

She tried to pull an Angelina but, instead, Amber Rose got herself stuck in a storm of controversy over a recent trip to Ghana to host the annual Vodaphone 020 Live concert. During her time off, Wiz Khalifa’s girl visited some of the poorer villages in the region to speak to young school girls about the importance of education and good decision-making.

However, when she posted pictures of herself in some of the country’s more destitute areas, the Ghanaian contingent on Twitter lashed out, complaining Rose only showcased the poverty, not the affluence, of Ghana. Rose, who was once homeless, responded to the backlash:


"I saw that a lot of people on twitter said 'don't just show the poverty, show the rich people.' But for me, the rich people aren't doing anything for the little kids and the people that are living in poverty, so I don't want to hang out with the rich people," she tweeted. "I wanted to see the kids in poverty. I grew up very poor. So I wanted to go see them, help them, talk to them and inspire them to let them know they could possibly be somebody great." 


Meanwhile, no one seems to be pointing out the irony of Amber Rose giving advice to impressionable young girls. We kid, we kid. In all seriousness, props to Amber for taking the criticism in stride and pointing out the obvious imbalances in the development of African nations.


Written by Smriti Mundhra


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