Details Leak on MJ Manslaughter Trial Jurors

Details Leak on MJ Manslaughter Trial Jurors

The diverse group of jurors reveal their views on drug abuse and celebrity trials.

Published September 24, 2011

More interesting details are emerging in the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, who's being charged with manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson.

TMZ has obtained the filled-out questionnaires from the jurors who were selected to sit in the trial. Here are just some of the interesting tidbits:

Juror #127 is a 54 years old Mexican-American female, has a daughter who was an alcohol and drug user five years ago, and thinks famous people have it easy in the court. She was a big fan of Jackson as a kid.

Juror #145 is a 45-year-old White male and a partner in management consulting firm. His wife is pediatric nurse at a hospital, he's served twice on a jury before, and he watched MJ's This is It on Netflix.


Juror #61 is an unemployed White female, 57, who worked in past for Red Cross. She's divorced, listens to NPR and followed the OJ Simpson cases. Her younger brother uses drugs.


Juror #70 is a 54-year-old White male. He's a college professor of animation and art who created characters for motion pictures at Disney. He's an MJ fan who followed the OJ trial, was once convicted of DUI, and thinks celebs get preferential treatment by police.

Juror #128 is a 54-year-old African-American male. He's a technical director for a TV station, his dad died of alcoholism, and he loved the Jackson 5 as a kid, but now likes Jay-Z.

For details on the rest of the Michael Jackson jurors, check out TMZ.

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