Abduction Bombs at the Box Office

Abduction Bombs at the Box Office

Is Twilight star Taylor Lautner really leading man material?

Published September 26, 2011

Maybe there aren’t too many folks on "Team Jacob" outside of the Twilight world.


Despite being a proven hit action movie director, John Singleton, along with one of the tween's biggest movie stars Taylor Lautner, only pulled in an anemic $11.2 million for Abduction during its opening weekend, according to Deadline. The film ranked No. 4 out of this weekend’s movie releases after the No. 1 spot’s Lion King 3D, No. 2's Moneyball and No. 3’s Dolphin’s Tale.


Now many are trying to figure out whether or not Lautner has the star power to carry a film solo without the help of his Twilight franchise and its costars. Abduction, which was also produced by the 19-year-old’s production company, was to mark Lautner’s official introduction into the leading man territory. He was paid a generous five million dollars for his role as Nathan.  But reps for Lionsgate say the film should have earned between 12–14 million this past weekend in order to be deemed a hit.


However there could still be hope for Abduction. Outside of the U.S, the film opened up in the No. 1 spot in  Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela and Colombia. Despite its lukewarm performance here in the states, opening weekend rumors of a possible sequel are still abuzz. Stay tuned.

(Photo: Lionsgate)

Written by Ronke Idowu Reeves


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