Shonda Rhimes Discusses Grey’s Anatomy’s Abortion Episode

Shonda Rhimes Discusses Grey’s Anatomy’s Abortion Episode

She calls the controversial plotline an “honest portrayal” of one of her show's characters.

Published September 28, 2011


Even though Grey’s Anatomy has been on the air for eight seasons, the much-awarded and critically-acclaimed hospital drama is still finding new ways to shake up TV.


Last week, one of the show’s characters, workaholic surgeon Dr. Cristina Yang, played by Sandra Oh, had an abortion. And Grey's creator Shonda Rhimes told Vulture that even though it’s a rare occurrence on primetime TV, the plotline was realistic for her drama series.


“I feel like it doesn’t happen often and they don’t talk about it [abortion] and it feels ridiculous to me because it is a legal choice in our country,” said Rhimes. “But I wanted to portray that character honestly. I really wanted Cristina Yang to stay true to who Cristina Yang is. And I feel like that is a character who has never really wanted to be a mother.”


Rhimes also said that one of the perks of being a successful show creator and executive producer is her primetime TV power; she did not have to run her decision by any network brass before the episode aired. In case you lost count, Rhimes is currently juggling three network primetime shows — Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice and the soon-to-air mid-season drama Scandal  starring Kerry Washington.


“I didn’t ask anybody. I think I’ve earned my place in my job versus the first season of my very first television show,” said Rhimes.“Now we’re in the eighth season of my third television show, it’s not as big of deal for me to just stand up and say, ‘This is what we’re going to do and I’m not discussing it.”

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Written by Ronke Idowu Reeves


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