Kardashian Sisters Compare Themselves to Trannies

Kardashian Sisters Compare Themselves to Trannies

Published September 29, 2011

Ever look at the Kardashian sisters and wonder why their faces are beaten like that of RuPaul’s? Blame it on their biological dad.


In a recent interview with XO Jane, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney chat about makeup and the flak they receive for always being done up. Kim calls her and the sisters glamour girls, while Khloe, 27, says what others may be thinking: “We joke and we say we are like trannies because we love hair and makeup.”


As for who got them started, Kim, 30, says it was their dad, Robert. “He said, 'My daughters are going to start to wear makeup, and I want you guys to look at least presentable.' Which I thought was really cool. We’ve turned out to be the biggest trannies because of it.”


The makeup hasn’t just rubbed some of the public the wrong the way but their publicists as well. According to Kourtney, 32, “At first we had, like, publicists and people who would tell us, 'Girls, tone it down, stop wearing all the makeup.'” They obviously don't listen.

Written by N. Jamiyla Chisholm


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