The True Story Behind Halle Berry's Broken Foot

The True Story Behind Halle Berry's Broken Foot

It involves a goat chase.

Published October 1, 2011

More than a week after mysterious pictures of Halle Berry rocking some strange footwear — first, crutches and now a cast up to her knee — surfaced, the true story behind the accident that has the actress hobbling and that has halted shooting on her film Cloud Atlas has finally been revealed.

Though movie studio Warner Bros. tried to cover up the scandal by simply stating Berry had broken her foot "walking in Majorca on a day off from filming," an anonymous source tells People that there's far more to the story.

On September 21, says the source, Berry was at her villa in Majorca and spotted her daughter Nahla chasing a goat. A split second later, the three of them were scrambling across a stretch of rocky countryside — Halle chasing her daughter and her daughter chasing a goat.

Finally, says the source, Berry caught up with Nahla, grabbed her little girl, started back to her villa — and that's when she stumbled over a rock and broke her foot.

We're sure you're as thankful as we are for that bit of investigative journalism. We'll all sleep better tonight knowing the real story. Now, how long before Hollywood calls for the movie rights?

Written by Smriti Mundhra


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