Kanye Debuts Fashion Line To Mixed Reviews

Kanye Debuts Fashion Line To Mixed Reviews

Despite widespread skepticism, it seems West pulled off a fashion feat

Published October 1, 2011

Celebrity fashion lines are often ridiculed and looked down upon, and considering Kanye's penchant for theatrics most assumed that his new line would be sub-par to say the least. However, "DW by Kanye West" received mainly positive and tepid criticism after it's debut during Paris Fashion week. Models walked to Waka Flocka Flame’s “Hard in da Paint” and Common’s “The Light," and wore pieces laden with zippers, leather, skins and fur.

Ciara, a familiar face in fashion, tweeted: "KANYE is A GENIUS- TONIGHT was MONUMENTAL." The Associated Press reported on the event and said, "It was with slightly humbled wonder that the fashion editors, stylists and journalists...greeted the sophisticated, highly designed looks on the catwalk." However the New York Times fashion blog reported, "What Mr. West eventually showed was confusing..." Although reviews were mixed, none were scathing.

'Ye has been interested in fashion for years, and has worked with a number of designers on one-off's and signature pieces that have appeared in their lines. This is his first womenswear line, and it seems as if he was very hands-on during the process. He was spotted buying fabric and zippers in London just days before the show. The shop owner reports, "What was really good was when I asked him why he was here himself he said, 'I want to work from the ground upwards, I don't want to leave it to someone else.""

It's this attention to detail and obvious passion for fashion that helped the line achieve its initial success. In a somewhat surprising display of vulnerability, "Speaking to reporters after the show, the seasoned performer kept repeating “I’m so scared, I’m so nervous.""

Despite his controversial reputation, West has always managed to make his artistic endeavours popular, if simply by virtue of his showmanship. The question now is whether buyers, both high-end and low-end, enjoy the pieces enough to invest. Check out photos of the line here.

Written by Laura Hagans Smith


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