China Opens Obama Fried Chicken Restaurant

China Opens Obama Fried Chicken Restaurant

The shop features our president dressed as the KFC mascot.

PUBLISHED ON : OCTOBER 2, 2011 / 10:01 PM

Because racism knows no bounds, a store called OFC has opened in Beijing, China. OFC as in Obama Fried Chicken. The shop’s red awning and lettering mimics KFC’s look complete with a smiling and squinting President Barack Obama dressed like the original’s mascot, Colonel Sanders. A Chinese phrase saying “We’re so cool, aren’t we?” also appears on the sign.

The Daily Mail says the store opening could have been a response to the United States filing a complaint with the World Trade Organization about a Chinese tariff that has more than doubled the price of American chicken exports. The situation has affected the poultry industry and wiped out nearly 90 percent of poultry sales to China. The tariffs were imposed last September after China accused the U.S. of dumping chickens into their market.

Not sure how using Obama’s image to sell fried chicken is supposed to fix the situation, but take note: the real KFC has used an Obama lookalike in a Chinese commercial that aired in Hong Kong earlier this year and other Obama Fried Chicken establishments have appeared in Harlem and Brooklyn, New York. All have caused a stir with claims that they reinforce stereotypes.

What do you think about the Obama Fried Chicken franchise?

Written by by Dorkys Ramos


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