Jay-Z To Re-Release Decoded Book

Jay-Z To Re-Release Decoded Book

The book even boasts new features.

Published October 3, 2011

Good news for Jay-Z fans and paperback book lovers. The dad-to-be is re-releasing his book 
Decoded on November 1 as a paperback edition in a new color -- black.

In addition, the new Decoded will also hold a new chapter, seven additional illustrations, three new songs -- “I Know”, “Young Gz”, “Lost One” -- and a fresh afterword according to Rap Radar. Here's an excerpt below:

What still excites me about rap is that it’s an open thread, a cipher that listeners find their own meanings in. The point of this book is not to settle arguments or transform rap songs into neat stories with a beginning, middle, and end. Rather, I’m trying to point readers to some ideas and information, get them to see deeper into the music than they saw before and learn more about worlds different from their own (or find new ways of looking at the worlds they already know)—to find their own meanings and connect them back to their own lives. I want readers to see the craft and learn the context—and I want them to still be able to feel the magic, and enjoy the show.

Decoded originally hit shelves in November 2010 via  Spiegel & Grau.

Written by Hillary Crosley


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