Short-Lived Shaft TV Series Coming to DVD

Short-Lived Shaft TV Series Coming to DVD

The seven 90-minute episodes originally aired in 1973.

Published October 3, 2011

Great news for fans of the Shaft movies: Warner Bros. Archive Collection is finally releasing the short-lived television series based on the iconic trilogy of action films to DVD. The series, which consists of seven 90-minute episodes that originally aired in 1973–74, also stars Richard Roundtree as Shaft.

Shadow and Act shares the description from the DVD, which goes on sale October 4:

He’s the coolest private detective around, caught up in all the hottest cases. Can you dig it? Richard Roundtree portrays streetsmart Harlem sleuth John Shaft, reprising the film role he played in three trendsetting movies of the early 1970s (and would revisit in the 2000 Shaft remake starring Samuel L. Jackson). In these seven episodes that each ran in a 90-minute time slot, Shaft likes his women chic, his cars fast and his clothes expensive and takes the fight to mob lowlifes, scumballs and vigilantes who prey upon Shaft’s pals and other decent, everyday people. And, yes, it just wouldn’t be Shaft without the signature theme music of Isaac Hayes. That’s here, too. Right on!

Can you dig it?

(Photo: Warner Bros.)

Written by Smriti Mundhra


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