Tamera Mowry-Housley Gets Honest About Race and Celibacy

Tamera Mowry-Housley Gets Honest About Race and Celibacy

She responds to hateful remarks about her interracial union.

Published October 4, 2011

In a recent interview with YBF, the newly-married Tamera Mowry-Housley, while dishing the behind-the-scenes details of her wedding, offered words for, among other things, folks who vehemently disagree with interracial relationships.


She was hit with this sentiment when the former Sister, Sister star allowed photographer Jose Villa to post her engagement photos with hubby, Adam, on the web. The photos were slammed with hateful comments and criticism.


To such reactions, Tamera said: “I was just shocked that some people still feel that way. It's 2011! They did a poll recently and 83 percent of Americans are OK with interracial relationships. I never expected that kind of negative response to us. That's why I was OK with our photographer putting those pics on his website.”


How did Adam feel? “My husband had the best response to that on the show,” she explained. “He said, 'That's not our issue. That's their issue. So they can deal with that.'  From now on, I'm just focusing on the people who love us and support us.”


But the race issue wasn’t the only subject Tamera was willing to attack with brute honesty. She also discussed her and Adam’s decision to remain celibate during their courtship, saying: “I'll be very very honest. (Laughs embarrassingly)  We decided, it was both of our decision, not to live together for religious reasons. I'm being very honest. We actually didn't wait until we got married to be intimate...but we did wait three years. (The two have been together for six years). I wanted to do what felt right for me.... It's something that just felt right for me. It was just a personal choice. And even after being intimate, we decided as a couple to be celibate until the wedding.”


Tamera is currently starring with her twin in the Style reality series Tia & Tamera.


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Written by Marcus Reeves


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