Conrad Murray's Ex-Girlfriends Testify

Conrad Murray's Ex-Girlfriends Testify

Michael Jackson's doc faces a most uncomfortable day of testimony.

Published October 5, 2011

Having an ex-lover swear on a bible to tell the truth about you in public would be anybody's nightmare, but for Dr. Conrad Murray, on trial for his role in the death of pop icon Michael Jackson, their words could land him in jail.


Three of Murray's ex-girlfriends — a stripper, an actress and a cocktail waitress — testified in court on Tuesday as prosecutors alleged that they were distractions to Murray during the final hours of Jackson's life, ABC News reports. 


Phone records show that the doc had been communicating with four women — Sade Anding, Nicole Alvarez, Michelle Bella and Bridgette Morgan — in the hours preceding Jackson's death, a critical time during which Jackson should have been closely monitored, prosecutors argue.


The most colorful testimony came from Nicole Alvarez, an actress who is mother to one of Murray's seven children and who told the court she spends her time going to rehearsals and "refining my instrument."


The actress, who admitted she was "star struck" when Murray brought her to Jackson's home, treated the witness stand like a stage, repeatedly flipping her hair and generally acting as though she were auditioning for Law & Order.


"I can remember because Michael was very interested in the baby…he wanted to schedule visits so that he could see my son," she said. She is accused of being involved in receiving Murray's shipments of Propofol, the drug that allegedly killed MJ, at her Santa Monica apartment. 


"This is a different witness entirely than the other women.… This is a witness who was receiving the propofol shipments at her house," said Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney David Walgren during the preliminary hearing in January. "This is an uncooperative witness who has refused to cooperate with the police, has refused to open the door for the police, has reached out to Dr. Murray's attorney."


Alvarez was also caught in a lie by prosecutors when she claimed she wasn't aware of Murray's salary as Jackson's private cardiologist or his business dealings with concert promoter AEG, a statement prosecutors reminded Alvarez was false when they read back her own testimony to her from a few months earlier in which she said she knew about Murray's hefty $150,000 a month retainer.


Murray met Alvarez at a Las Vegas night club (of course) a few years ago and still stays with her in Santa Monica when he is in Los Angeles.

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Written by Smriti Mundhra


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